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Originally posted by [ profile] coffeechica at hi everybody! (to be read in Kermit voice)
Welcome to the many many new followers to this community! [ profile] lj_support is a community that serves as a bulletin board for LiveJournal's support volunteers. This is not a community for end-user support. This community isn't a replacement for anything like [ profile] news, [ profile] lj_maintenance, or [ profile] lj_releases. We're a lot more informal, and post quick status updates here from time to time just to make sure that volunteers have the info they need in order to help other LJ users. Our support model is based on users-helping-users, and has been so since Brad coded up a page for it in 2001.

If helping other LJ users get the most out of their LJ experience sounds like something you'd enjoy, you're welcome to plunge in and start answering unanswered questions! (That's the link to all non-Russian public requests. If you speak Russian, you're welcome to answer Russian questions as well.) Need more information on how this all works? Check out the Support guide. Need help? [ profile] learn_support has a team of experienced volunteers who will be happy to assist you. We are quite short-handed at the moment and in a bit of transition in terms of volunteer leadership, but we'll do our best to make sure you get the help you need as a new volunteer.

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Originally posted by [ profile] markf at CSRF/Phishing attack
There is currently a CSRF designed to mislead you into believing LiveJournal is requesting your username and password, when the data is actually being requested by a third party who is trying to gain access to your account.

The attack will appear as though someone has left you a comment, but an image similar to the following will appear requesting your password:


The domain used, liv i, is not, and you should not enter your password into any popup like this which appears.  The domain used by the attacker could change at any time.

If you have entered your username and password into any popup like this, you should immediately change your password at

If any content has been deleted from your journal by someone other than you, please submit an abuse request.
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Originally posted by [ profile] theljstaff at Site status
The LiveJournal team is aware that some users may experience occasional difficulties with accessing the service. Unfortunately, the website has been under a DDoS attack for the last 18 hours. We are glad to say that despite the severity of the attack, we have been successful in dealing with it. Since previous attacks, we have increased our system capabilities, so for many users this has gone unnoticed or caused only minor, temporary issues. We are still dealing with this, and our system administrators will continue to closely monitor the site and work to resolve any problems which occur over the weekend. Thank you for your patience and we will keep you posted.
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Originally posted by [ profile] rebelsheart at LiveJournal PSA
A recent update to LiveJournal has made some pages inaccessible to users who are using outdated site schemes (Dystopia and xColibur) or the Lynx site scheme to view system pages1. LiveJournal's developers are aware of this issue and working to address it, however it is not known when the problem will be fixed.

The good news is that there are two options available at this time that will grant access to the affected pages immediately.

- Switch your site scheme to Horizon or Vertigo here: Once the issue is resolved, which will be announced in [ profile] lj_releases, you can switch back to your current scheme here []. Please note that the xColibur and Dystopia site schemes are no longer supported and may not support all LiveJournal features.

- You can temporarily force the page you are viewing to display in one of the unaffected site schemes by adding &usescheme=horizon (for a horizontal layout) or &usescheme=vertigo (for a vertical layout) to the end of any LiveJournal URL. If the URL does not already contain a question mark (?), please use it in place of the ampersand (&) like so:

1: Notable affected pages:
  • Community member management
  • FAQs
  • Individual support requests

2: SUP-enabled users will also have the choice of using the Lanzelot site scheme.


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